We offer expert consultancy to Corporates, Individuals (both Residents and Non-residents), Partnership firms who are liable to pay Tax according to the Indian legislation authority. We can develop tax strategies that can help our clients in managing new tax laws according to our legislation. Our expert services include - Tax Planning, Reducing Tax Liabilities & Risks, Filing of Returns.


Some of our Advisory Services are:

  • Corporate Taxation Advisory Services: Advising large Companies / Corporations on their Income Tax matters, including  Foreign taxation matters on Indian corporations.

  • Tax Management Services: Successful tax compliance. 

  • Tax Appeals: Drafting and representing tax appeals before various appellate authorities like Commissioners/ Appellate Tribunal. 

  • Tax Planning: Advising clients on structuring tax-efficient business planning, including restructuring of business like Amalgamations/ merger etc. Consultancy in Tax matters & tax planning. 

Our services in Indirect Taxes include: 

  • Advising Companies, Firms and Individuals on Planning. 

  • Indirect Tax Management: Attending to registration, renewals, periodic returns and compliances. 

  • GST

  • Professional Tax 


The Firm offers Valuation services in:

  • Transactions, such as investments, mergers and demergers, equity-swaps, purchase or sale of assets including intangible assets etc.

  • Compliance and Disclosure, including fair-value statements and restatements under Indian GAAP, IFRS & US GAAP, for matters such as Impairment Testing, Purchase Price Allocation, valuation of Financial Instruments, etc.

  • Transparency and Stakeholder Communication practices adopted by progressive and admired managements, including voluntary valuations of intangible assets.


We offer a host of accounting services including outsourcing model whereby we entirely contract out your account needs. This service involves preparing and maintaining day to day accounting and monthly or quarterly management of accounts, preparation of annual accounts and schedules ready for the statutory annual audit.


We have a successfully arranged low cost funds which are long term and our beneficial to our clients. Our Services include identification of project, preparation of project reports, appraisal of projects, advising on resource mobilization at all level starting from establishing and commencing the project with due compliance in technical, statutory, financial and any other legal matter. 


As the auditors of several companies, we are in a unique position to provide clients with constructive ideas and solutions to the problems faced by them. Despite the close working relationship over the years we are outsiders to the clients' organization and can therefore be objective in presenting our observations and suggestions.Our firm specializes in Consultancy of - 

  • Setting up of Internal Audit function. 

  • Undertaking internal audits. 

  • Developing risk-based assurance plans. 

  • Sales Tax Matters. 

  • Payroll Services. 


Every company according to the India law need to register with the registrar of companies and it is also necessary with documents for various statutory requirements. We offer a wide range of services under this section :

  • Maintenance & compliance of Statutory Records

  • Merger & acquisitions. 

  • Corporate restructuring. 

  • Consultancy in above matters. 

  • Formation of company in India that is Private Limited, Public Limited, Subsidiary Co. 

  • Formations of Corporations like Government Co., Joint Venture Co., Holding Co., Foreign Co., etc. 

  • All matters related with Registrar of Companies & Company Law Board. 


General Consulting: General technology related consulting assignments, where the Firms focus remains in general management consulting where however a technological background is indispensable; providing related business advisory services; project monitoring services such as:

  • Cyber Security consulting including mobile security, wireless security & cloud computing security.

  • Forensics Consulting and Data Management.

  • ERP Controls Consulting such as SAP, Oracle Financials etc.

  • Regulatory Compliance Services.



  • Statutory Audits: We conduct Statutory Audits of Public and Private clients, under the provision of The Companies Act, 2013 and various other statutes. 

  • Internal Audits: We carry out Internal Audit in various companies which helps them to reduce costs and improve internal control systems. 

  • Stock Audits & Management:  Audits: We undertake Management Audit & Stock Audits for public and private sectors entities. 

  • Tax Audits: We conduct Tax Audits as prescribed under the provisions of The Income Tax Act, 1961. 

  • GST Audits: We conduct Audits as prescribed under the provisions of  the GST Acts of various states. 

We offer other services like:

  • Legal and Secretarial Matters

  • Business Management

  • Consultation in FEMA matters

  • Consultancy to a non-resident of India, etc.